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Hugh’s Outrage Limitations

By on 6.5.07 | 10:35AM

Romney blogger Hugh Hewitt apparently has moral outrage only for those who criticize his guy or his guy's faith.

But when a second-rate TV talk show host ridicules and debases a candidate's wife like Joe Scarborough did, Hewitt, who helped lead the right's attack against Don Imus, is strangely silent. Hmmm. Why would that be? RedState has some ideas.

Ironically, Scarborough, who's had a messy life and shouldn't be attacking other people's wives, is trying to get Imus's TV gig. At the very least, he should be apologizing profusely. Word inside MSNBC is that Scarborough has been unapologetic when he was encouraged by senior management to take back his remarks.

Craig Crawford, who considers himself a top-tier pundit in Washington, should be forced to apologize publicly for his remarks, as well.

Neither man was clever. Neither man was funny, though they seemed to amuse themselves.

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