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Dems VI

By on 6.3.07 | 8:38PM

Obama does not "believe in assassinations;" killing bin Laden is not assassination, however, but 'out-taking.' Obama notes that "If people in Pakistan believe the US is an occupying force," it gets hard for Musharraf to help us out. If.

Hillary pushes her way to the front of every free-for-all. This is fatally intensifying to Edwards' and Obama's assertiveness problems. But Edwards' cold-blooded realism on the possibilities of Pakistan without Musharraf is a breath of fresh air.

Richardson is caught wiggling his trigger-finger again while Biden discusses Darfur: "they have forfeited their sovereignty" by committing genoice. Certainly this is not inaccurate as a matter of international law. Bold endorsement of military force. Ruxpin asks the lineup what gives. Panic strikes.

And yet after twenty seconds of chaos in the chicken coop, it's back to Richardson: "We need China to lean on China." Richardson threatens a boycott of the Chinese Olympics. Richardson invents the phrase "gender-based violence."

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