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By on 6.3.07 | 8:31PM

Hillary wants to be a talky hawk on Iran -- a great position that she wisely emphasizes. This is a no-brainer. If you can fight commies while maintaining diplomacy, you can certainly repeat with Iran. But she won't say what happens when Iran gets their "unacceptable" nuke anyway. Nice laugh line on oxymoronic diplomat Cheney, but that's not an answer.

Edwards suggests Iran is so pro-American and out of step with Mad Mahmoud that ... the Europeans should apply the full force of international banking leverage to bring Tehran to heel. He wants to "drive a wedge" between People and Ruler. This worked so well in Iraq. No options "off the table," of course.

Biden bites: "do away with the policy of regime change," a "bizarre notion." Iran is "weak," a "decade away" from nukes. I hope so, but only hope. And yet: missile on a pad, Biden'd "take it out."

Object lesson: nobody can tolerate a nuclear Iran, but everybody wants to wait until the point of no toleration itself.

News flash: Hillary's foreign policy advice, when she called the White House, was ignored.

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