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Dems II

By on 6.3.07 | 7:53PM

Richardson sounds awful -- slow, ponderous, hesitant, disconnected. This performance should finish off his candidacy.

Obama appears to be far less articulate in these fora than everyone had a right to expect him to be. He should be systematically working through a series of commanding, clear, and concise attacks on Hillary. Instead he's accomplished neither command, concision, nor clear attack -- except against Edwards. But what a concept that universal health care doesn't have to be mandatorily enforced by law to attain universality.

Not too surprising that Shrum's book has come up, but stunning so far that Michael Moore's "Sicko" hasn't. And telling that Gravel got applause for the common sense of official English.

Hillary clearly wants to convey to the audience that she's the one to unite the Dems, against Bush and behind her, because she's talking that way and the others are talking about differences that matter. Hillary is now name-checking Barry Goldwater. Hillary is now chuckling aloud for the second or third time tonight.

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