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Straight Razor Shave

By on 5.23.07 | 5:28PM

I enjoyed this bit over at Gotham City Insider about the joy of a baber shop--find one "run by old men who look like they walked to Brooklyn on their hands from Ellis Island," the insider recommends--straight razor shave. Here's a small excerpt:

Romantic machismo ideas, spaghetti Westerns and various American gangster movies have led a certain group of young men to believe that a shave with a straight razor is a ticket to Valhalla. This is 99% true. It's actually a ticket back to the old world where things meant something; and people took their time. The straight razor shave is, quite simply, a timeless ritual, a classic. Classic like a good hat, a good watch and some good shoes. Classic like holding the door open for a lady, waiting for her to sit down at a table before you eat and buying her moms some flowers.

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