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What R. Paul said Paul W. said

By on 5.23.07 | 8:08AM

is part of a TCS Daily piece by Gregory Scoblete called "It's OK if Ron Paul is Right" (published May 18). To wit:

Paul Wolfowitz - hardly a blame-America-firster - defended the removal of Saddam Hussein explicitly on the grounds that it would assuage one of bin Laden's grievances. In an interview with Vanity Fair the former Assistant Defense Secretary said that U.S. forces stationed in Saudi Arabia had "been a source of enormous difficulty for a friendly government. It's been a huge recruiting device for al Qaeda. In fact if you look at bin Laden, one of his principle grievances was the presence of so-called crusader forces on the holy land, Mecca and Medina." Wolfowitz was correct, of course...

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