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Stay Classy, Jack Murtha

By on 5.18.07 | 9:11PM

Congressman Murtha used to do this sort of stuff in whispers in a corner on the House floor:

During a series of House votes Thursday, Murtha walked to the chamber's Republican side to confront Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., a 43-year-old FBI former agent. Earlier this month, Rogers had tried unsuccessfully to strike a Murtha earmark from an intelligence spending bill. The item would restore $23 million for the National Drug Intelligence Center, a facility in Murtha's Pennsylvania district that some Republicans say is unneeded.

According to Rogers' account, which Murtha did not dispute, the Democrat angrily told Rogers he should never seek earmarks of his own because "you're not going to get any, now or forever."

Maybe once a man reaches a certain age, he just doesn't care who sees or hears it? Or perhaps now that everyone has seen worse, there is no need to beat around the bush.

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