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Red State Scores Against GOP

By on 5.14.07 | 5:39PM

The Red State blog's battle against the House GOP leadership has earned notice at The Hill newspaper and elsewhere, and John Boehner reportedly is feeling the heat. For those to whom this is a new topic, a recap: To replace ethically questionably John Doolittle on the Appropriations Committee, the House GOP leadership appointed.... ethically questionable (and major porkmeister) Ken Calvert, despite MULTIPLE questions about earmarks that just so happen to benefit his real estate investments and despite an old arrest for consorting with a prostitute. Erick Erickson of Red State, a highly respected conservative blog, is leading the charge, which is being endorsed by a growing number of other conservative bloggers, to insist that the House GOP actually live up to its promises on ethics and earmarks. After all, it's not as if these guys didn't get their butts kicked last fall in large part because of their horrible ethics and out-of-control spending... now is it? Scroll down through the posts in the link above to get a fuller report on all this. It's well worth watching.

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