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RE: Newspaper Troubles — for Laughs

By on 5.7.07 | 3:56PM

Speaking of which, apparently the Minneapolis Star-Tribune is going to drop James Lileks' column. From The Bleat:

As it happens, they've killed my column, and assigned me to write straight local news stories.


There's been some talk that I might leverage my mad web skillz into a tech beat, reporting on the Internet. But a local beat about the Internet? How many stories can do you about six guys in a loft coding a hot new start-up? And heaven forbid we have to illustrate them, because then you get the inevitable geek-by-the-screen shot. Look! He's customizing the drop-down location menu so it defaults to the United States instead of Afghanistan!

Lileks doing straight news instead of his humor column? How stupid can you get?

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