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Re: Profiles in D’oh

By on 4.21.07 | 1:10PM

James, Gonzales has reminded me of no one so much as Bush himself post-Katrina: "You're doin' a heckuva job, Brownie." We now know what George W.'s main fault is. He does not know how to appoint or monitor executives.

His two most capable appointees, Rumsfeld and Powell, ran into trouble not because of incompetence but because 1) Rumsfeld did as much as he could and could have benefited from replacement (n.b. -- He did offer to resign three times, but the President declined.); and 2) Powell had his own agenda, definitely not friendly to the President's.

Rice is an executive disaster waiting to happen at State. Taking bets here: Next big "scandal" comes from State. Anybody?

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