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RE: External Fetal Cranial Vacuum Illegal

By on 4.18.07 | 11:42AM

This is great news! Two thoughts:

1. It still shows how far we have to go in the abortion wars. Four justices voted against the ban. Apparently yanking the unborn baby's lower body out of the uterus, making an incision in the back of the baby's skull, and then vacuuming out the baby's brain is, to them, a "woman's right", not infanticide. Some people will, of course, always think that. But they should be a fringe element. The fact that the vote was 5-4 and not 8-1 suggests that they are still mainstream.

2. Future fights for Supreme Court nominations are only going to be that much more difficult. NOW, People for the American Way [sic], Feminist Majority and all the others have been warning that a strict constructionist court would be a threat to abortion. Now they have their "proof." This ruling will only energize them to fight harder and dirtier next time. Our side had better be ready.

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