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Re: Whining Tiger

By on 4.10.07 | 9:54AM

Quin, I agree that Jack Nicklaus was probably the most gracious loser golf, or any sport, has ever seen. And I agree that Tiger Woods often gives what seems self-centered answers to interview questions. But I'd cut Tiger some slack for two reasons. One, the press today asks far more personal, stupid, and intrusive questions than they used to -- and far more of them, given our explosion of media outlets. And two, Tiger is taken to be the icon of golf more than Jack was, and is questioned accordingly.

I heard Tiger say, "Zach played beautifully. He made the shots he had to make." And as to the particulars of the tournament, two things usually stamp a winner: birdies at 9 and 16 in the final round. Well, this year, it was 14 and 16, and Tiger and Johnson had near-identical putts at both holes. Tiger missed them both. Johnson made them.

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