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By on 3.30.07 | 6:17PM

Well, I won't actually use the word in the headline to describe Nancy Pelosi's actions here, but those actions are so obnoxious and counterproductive as to show a severe contempt for the norms and traditions of American foreign policy.

Pelosi is traveling to Syria even though the White House has asked in no uncertain terms that she not do so. It is incredibly arrogant for a speaker of the House to travel to a foreign country against the express wishes of the White House. Indeed, it is a flagrant abuse of the spirit of the Constitution. No, it is NOT unpatriotic, but it at least borders on the realm of having a severely detrimental impact on American interests.

(Now, watch the Lefties go nuts in yelling that a conservative journalist has called the speaker "unpatriotic." Just watch.)

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