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Amateur Hour At TIME Magazine

By on 3.25.07 | 9:28PM

Noemie Emery is her usual outstanding self in this panning of TIME's use of the Gipper's legacy. Money quote:

And how did an era of greed, led by an out-of-touch airhead, change two decades later into a golden age, led by a prince among men? The reasons are these: First, the only times conservatives are praised in the press is when they can be used to run down other conservatives; and second, it is a general rule of the press and of the establishment that the best conservatives are those dead or retired; and the more dead or retired, the better they are.

As I noted a while back, conservatives love to bemoan the decline of their ideology. However, they are also quite good at it. As Emery's piece demonstrates, TIME should leave the decline-of-conservatism lamentations to the professionals.

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