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It’s Cute. Annoying, but Cute

By on 3.22.07 | 3:47PM

I'm turning into a full-time Hewitt critic, but as someone who has often enjoyed reading his blog in the past, I simply can't take the continuing infomercial quality of his endorsement of Mitt Romney and the way every conversation comes back to Romney somehow.

Today, he began a post talking about Rudy Giuliani's profile in Time Magazine and the theme of maturity. At the end of the post after a nice snippet from the Time story, we get this:

"Romney and Giuliani have telegraphed that they are very aware of this dynamic, have the fund-raising machines built and operating that can sustain their efforts, and the attitudes necessary to a long season."

What? Huh? Who was talking about Mitt Romney?

It's become like a verbal tic. Hewitt mentions Romney when ordering dinner these days.

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