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NPR Misses the Story

By on 3.20.07 | 8:48AM

Okay, maybe the fact that NPR selectively "edits" its stories isn't "Breaking News." Where is Ken Tomlinson when you need him?

Brian Unger was surely doing the Lord's Work (in NPR parlance that means "doing the work for the DNC") when he highlighted the credentials of "America's Mayor" Rudy Giuliani and former Sen. Fred Thompson. You can hear the story here.

Unger attempted to belittle Thompson's record by simply ignoring much of Thompson's record as a prosecutor and attorney, to wit, his takedown of a Tennessee Governor after he revealed a cash for pardons scandal inside the statehouse. That scandal was eventually made into a movie, which led to Thompson's first role - playing himself.

We don't know that Fred Thompson is running. But we have an opportunity to force NPR to get its story straight -- and keep it straight in the future. Email NPR and force it to correct the record. Hold them accountable.

The links for Unger's email is here.

The link to send email to the NPR ombudsman is here (make sure you hit the drop down menu to direct it to the ombudsman).

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