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If I Had a Hammer

By on 3.19.07 | 12:35PM

Tom (no fat left to cut in the federal budget) DeLay vents about the criminalization of politics in his new book, an excerpt of which is up at Townhall:

What I did not expect was a concerted effort to destroy me legally, financially, and personally. I have now spent millions of dollars in lawyers' fees to answer the lies of the left. I have taken hours away from doing the nation's business to work through the laborious process of responding to legal charges that my liberal opponents knew were untrue and frivolous when they first filed them. I have watched my family suffer under the burden of not just my political misfortunes-an expected reality in a politician's family-but of the threat of material destruction, imprisonment, and ruin. This should not be what happens to someone who has defended his political ideals, aggressively, yes, but honorably. A congressman serves his nation by serving his values with passion, and the nation only suffers when partisanship is punished with personal destruction.

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