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The Missing Outrage

By on 3.17.07 | 9:01PM

"Too many people have died and it doesn't solve anything," said Ann O'Grady, who drove to Washington through snow with her family from

Ohio. "I feel bad carrying out my daily activities while people are suffering, Americans and Iraqis." -- Kim Gamel, AP

Added to that bad feeling, I feel a revolted outrage at the general failure of apparently everyone to scream out against the completely unhinged tactics of Iraq's murdering class, which have absolutely junked nearly all of our sacrosanct laws of war. Even the soulless pro forma bureaucratic reflex of 'strong condemnation' seems now too much, or beside the point, or not worth the effort.

We can't keep this up for much longer without incurring a new moral cost, this one in our own souls. When the conscience despairs itself to silence, cultures die.

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