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Doan Should Be Up

By on 3.13.07 | 1:58PM

Just returned from a weekly conservative bloggers' meeting at the Heritage Foundation, where the guest was GSA Administrator Lurita Doan, about whom I have blogged here several times in the past. She is under fire from Henry Waxman (reason enough to rally around her!), in one of Waxman's regular witch hunts. Anyway, I had never met Ms. Doan before today's briefing, but I came away from it more convinced than ever that she is the real deal. Rarely have I met an administrator more excited about cutting waste, improving efficiency, bolstering service, and better using the resources of government where they can be better used rather than letting them be wasted.

The GSA is huge. Doan said that it is the world's largest landlord, the world's largest credit card service, the world's largest fleet service with about 190,000 vehciles, and the world's largest consrvator of art, among other things. She came in and immediately tried to get rid of a deficit by targeted cuts amounting to about 9% of the total budget. "Trips to Australia and Kuala Lumpur," she explained, would no longer be par for the course. And so on. Good for her.

Waxman's hearing about utterly piddly complaints about her management will be next Tuesday. Conservatives should provide support for her before and after the hearing.

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