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Mass Care Not Working Out—Part XIX

By on 3.8.07 | 6:17PM

The plans available from the Commonwealth Connector can be downloaded here. The average monthly premium is about $247, which is higher than the $200 average that Romney initially promised.

In fairness, some of the plans for young people have premiums in $109-$175 range. Those plans come with high deductibles. Nothing wrong with that (in fact, it's a good thing), but here is the catch: The Connector "insisted that routine doctors visits -- like annual physicals or well-baby check-ups -- be included before any deductible kicks in." That's what's know as "first-dollar" coverage, and under federal law it is largely proscribed (except for preventative care) if one has a plan with a health savings account. Thus, what the Connector has done is prevent people who get their health insurance through the Connector from buying a policy with a health savings account.

Nice going, Governor Mitt!

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