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Asking For It

By on 3.6.07 | 12:04PM

Here's a press release just sent out by Harry Reid, confirming once and for all that the Libby case was all about politics. It had nothing to do with the pursuit of justice.

For Immediate Release

Date: Tuesday, March 6, 2007

CONTACT: Jim Manley / Rodell Mollineau, (202) 224-2939


Washington, DC-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid today released the following statement on news that a jury has found Lewis "Scooter" Libby, former Chief of Staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, guilty of perjury and obstruction of justice.

"I welcome the jury's verdict. It's about time someone in the Bush Administration has been held accountable for the campaign to manipulate intelligence and discredit war critics. Lewis Libby has been convicted of perjury, but his trial revealed deeper truths about Vice President Cheney's role in this sordid affair. Now President Bush must pledge not to pardon Libby for his criminal conduct."

Of course, if that's the way Reid wants to play it, let's get on with the show. What's that about all the real estate newly enriched Harry bought for a dime back in Nevada?

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