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Libby Verdict Coming

By on 3.6.07 | 11:01AM

Verdict is due in five minutes. I hope very sincerely that I am wrong, but I predict convictions on the two Russert counts and, AT BEST FOR LIBBY, a hung jury on the two Cooper counts. I have no idea on the fifth count, which is sort of a catch-all combination.

The jury appeared to be agonizing over the Cooper counts, which were extremely flimsy. Once they got answers from the court to their questions on those counts -- just over an hour ago -- they announced quickly that they have reached verdicts. That tells me that they already had the Russert counts figured, and if they were figured already, while the flimsy counts were being agonized over, it seems the slightly more substantial Russert counts likely are being adjudged as being instances of Libby's guilt. (I hope you can follow my logic here.)

None of which takes away from my opinion that every single bit of this case is a travesty, and that Libby is guilty of nothing but a bad memory. But we'll see soon enough.

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