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Now That’s A Great Idea!

By on 3.6.07 | 9:05AM

Writing over at On The Fence Films, Dave Racer notes that the primary cause of the increase in uninsured is immigration, both legal and illegal. The illegal ones present a serious problem:

Insuring illegal immigrants is, well, quite impossible. They know that once they sign up for insurance, in a matter of time, the INS will come calling and deport them. The bad news for the rest of us is that illness and injury even strikes at illegal immigrants. When it does, taxpayers and those with private insurance pay the bills. Is there any way out of this dilemma?

So, how do you fix it? Here's Racer's solution:

There is another way, but it might be the "third rail" of politics. Someone somewhere employs illegal immigrants. If this were not true, they would not have immigrated here (except, perhaps, to get "free" health care). Suppose the law required that when an illegal immigrant falls ill and cannot pay for their own care, the government collects the bill from their employers? All of it, and with a good-sized fine to boot. If they refuse to pay, then shut them down.

That is an excellent solution. And you can be sure that Washington won't do it.

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