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Re: What’s the Matter With Ann

By on 3.5.07 | 11:18AM

Looking over the fine comments by Phil and John about Ann Coulter's idiocy at CPAC, the only thing I disagree with is this line: "It's really unfortunate that in three days at CPAC during which time conservatives make a concerted effort to have serious discussions on a number of important topics".

It's not unfortunate, because "fortune" has nothing to do with it. CPAC was warned (okay, by me) about this last year:

[Ann Coulter] had a responsibility to her hosts, the American Conservative Union, which runs CPAC, to ensure that CPAC was not barraged with bad press. The folks at the American Conservative Union work like dogs to put on a great event, and they deserved better media coverage. There were many great themes that could have come out of the event, from a visionary speech by Newt Gingrich to the emergence of George Allen as a conservative favorite for president. Unfortunately, it's Coulter's idiocy that now dominates the buzz.

CPAC should have been well aware that Coulter could dominate the buzz. That they went ahead and invited her to speak can be described as careless or stupid. But hardly "unfortunate."

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