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Social Conservatives and the GOP

By on 3.2.07 | 6:36AM

Phil discussed Ryan Sager, Ramesh Ponnuru, and the question of whether so-cons were leading the GOP astray electorally.

My own two cents is this: We were beginning to win the cultural battle prior to 9-11. I was working at a state-based family policy group advocating for marriage, against abortion, against gambling, against net porn, etc. and had the very distinct impression we were gaining traction nationally.

You could feel it. Welfare reform had worked and the next step was going to be to re-introduce the underclass to the magic formula of a high school degree, marriage, and then pregnancy in wedlock. One of the worst costs of 9-11 has been that a very positive movement was shunted to the side and all that really remained in the public eye was the show horse part dealing with gay marriage because of its newsworthiness.

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