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Re: Romney, Major Candidate

By on 3.1.07 | 5:58AM

It shocked me to find Romney so far down in public recognition polls and in positive-negative regard. Seeing him from Massachusetts, he appears to bestride the political world -- shows you how provincialism still operates.

Mitt needs something other than running for President that will get him on TV on a regular basis in a positive way. Once seen, people will like him. He has the rare quality of being authoritative without seeming authoritarian. And he's wonderfully attractive. I cite Chris Wallace's oft-played radio soundbite for Howie Carr: "I have a kind of man-crush on him."

Maybe he could rescue somebody from drowning again, the way he did a couple of summers ago. Actually, what would benefit him enormously is either the kind of gig Fred Thompson has, doing Paul Harvey's radio show, or doing what Reagan did, criss-crossing the country, talking about a coherent political and social value system. Reagan did it on behalf of GE. Perhaps Mitt will emerge from this election the way Reagan did from the Ford election, and succeed one cycle later.

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