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Guess Who’s Bragging About K Street?

By on 2.26.07 | 12:49PM

Remember back in the good but-not-so old days when the left complained that K Street represented everything wrong with Washington?

Well, I guess it depends on whose street it is. From the Campaign for America's Future:


Changeover In Congress Helps Alter Political Culture In Washington, Campaign for America's Future Moves To K Street, Doubles Office Size

WASHINGTON - Marking the end of more than 12 years of conservative rule in the nation's capital, the Campaign for America's Future will double its office space and join a network of progressive groups taking over Washington's K Street power corridor this week.

The Campaign for America's Future moves to 1825 K Street today, joining several other progressive organizations that represent "the new K Street." Progressive Majority and the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center moved at the same time as the Campaign for America's future, joining Americans United and US Action, already in the building. The Campaign for America's Future signed a 10-year lease for the space to accommodate the organization's growth since its founding 10-years ago by a network of 100 prominent progressive leaders.

Didn't take long for the left to get comfortable with the trappings of power, eh?

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