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Wild Goose Chasers

By on 2.21.07 | 11:53AM

Wonderful moment just before noon on cable TV. Fox and MSNBC are both carrying the outrageous legal proceeding in Florida ostensibly over the disposition of Anna Nicole Smith's body. Her mother is testifying, anchors on both nets interrupting at vital moments. Suddenly, Fox goes split-screen, showing car speeding down roadway in Hollywood, Fla. A police car chase! No police in evidence, but at least a speeding car. Full screen for Fox about the time MSNBC goes split, again with car chase which rapidly trumps the trial. Soon both have forgotten that Smith thing. Fleeing car collides with another and three suspects flee. One suspect surrenders, another is caught. Fox assures us all three are in custody and goes on to news about Iraq, ignoring the abandoned trial and that Roy Bean judge.

MSNBC, which can count, carried the search for the third suspect for a time, then abandons the high crime car chase for other things.

Expect to see grandstanding Judge Seidlin driving into court if and when the nets decide to return to the story.

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