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Is McCain the GOP’s Hillary?

By on 2.21.07 | 10:18AM

By the GOP's Hillary, I mean the candidate who will say anything to anyone to get elected (David Geffen apparently has strong thoughts on the matter).

From the Politico:

Karl: "I know we're just about out of time, but I wanted to clarify: Senator McCain had said that the problem with President Bush is he listened to you too much. So this is what he was apologizing to you for?"

Cheney: "Yes, yes."

Karl: "What did he say?"

Cheney: "Well, he came up to me on the floor a couple of days later, the next time I was on the floor of the Senate, said he'd been quoted out of context, and then basically offered an apology which I was happy to accept."

In January, McCain had told Roger Simon, chief political columnist of The Politico, during an interview at his Senate office: "The president listened too much to the vice president . . . Of course, the president bears the ultimate responsibility, but he was very badly served by both the vice president and, most of all, the secretary of defense."

Yeah, that sounds like a vicious interpretation. You can judge for yourself by reading the original (though partial) transcript. McCain appears to serve himself well when he is talking to the media, but still wants to remain in the White House's good graces. What a guy.

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