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Fitzgerald Remains a Menace

By on 2.21.07 | 9:27AM

Byron York has another useful take today on the Scooter Libby/Valerie Plame trial, and it shows again that prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is a menace to society. This guy has so badly lost his perspective that he needs to take a long vacation on a deserted island, or something. He really seems to think that there is something nefarious about a vice president who wanted to correct the record -- in other words, to tell the truth -- to the effect that he, the veep, had nothing to do with a lying leftist scumbag former ambassador being sent on a mission to Niger to sit in a hotel room drinking alcoholic libations while various officials visited him, the scummy ambassador, to deny any involvement with uranium sales. His closing argument, according to York, amounted to an effort to convince the jury that Libby lied because Cheney was conspiratorially trying to debunk the untrue Wilson story. His target all along, it now seems, was Cheney -- and, like a bloodthirsty hunter denied his prey, Fitzgerald was willing to waste oodles of money, put reporters in jail, ruin Libby's life, and waste everybody's time, in order to "prove" a nonsensical charge of perjury in order to try to flip Libby to get at Cheney.

If this post seems a little convoluted, that's because the whole trial was convoluted, because Fitzgerald's logic was convoluted, because his ethical compass went haywire, as in lost its magnetism and no longer points due North.

Once Libby is acquitted, somebody should threaten Fitz with a charge of prosecutorial misconduct, just to make the SOB squirm.

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