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McCain v. Free Speech

By on 2.13.07 | 7:43AM

Reading the good senator's article with Joe Lieberman on the impending doom of global warming in the Boston Globe today, I couldn't help but shudder at this line:

The debate has ended over whether global warming is a problem caused by human activity.
What McCain means is that he will not tolerate any more debate on the subject. Sounds a lot like campaign finance reform, no?

More substantively, and I am sure Dave Hogberg can speak to this, the proposal is not exactly a ringing endorsement for fiscal conservatism. They write,

To confront this challenge, we have reintroduced the Climate Stewardship and Innovation Act. The bill, which has growing bipartisan support, would harness the power of the free market and the engine of American innovation to reduce the nation's greenhouse gas emissions substantially enough and quickly enough to forestall catastrophic global warming.
Forgive me, but when has increased governmental regulation ever "harness[ed] the power of the free market"?

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