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Credit Where It’s Due, Sort Of

By on 2.9.07 | 1:45PM

In my column today on The Last Sin Eater I note how most of the secular reviewers will more than likely miss the intent of the filmmakers and who the target audience is, and instead comment based on their own worldviews and yes, prejudices. Well, I am glad to report that, for the most part, the New York Times is an exception. It's not a glowing review, but it does give the film a fair shake which is all anyone can ask for. Critic Matt Seitz does make one error, however, saying that Henry Thomas plays the Sin Eater. Peter Wingfield plays the Sin Eater while Thomas portrays the Man of God.

Some other reviews I've seen are critical because they say the film will have no "crossover appeal." As I imply in my column, who says the filmmakers had any intention of trying to "cross over?" If they knew what FoxFaith films was about, they'd understand that. And if that's a valid criticism, then I'd like to see them condemn slasher flicks and sex raunchfests for their failure to have any "crossover appeal" to the Christian market.

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