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RE: Never Trust Andrew

By on 2.8.07 | 4:09PM

John: I rarely go to Sully's website anymore, but decided to do so since you posted about it. As a result, I found this post where he complains,

I knew nothing about this till this morning, but a blogger got into a spat with the Ace of Spades website about my position on the "surge." Ace had accused me of changing my position constantly to oppose anything Bush argued for, because I was still upset about the Federal Marriage Amendment of four years ago. This meme is so widespread on the homophobic right that I've long since stopped trying to counter it. [Italics mine]

Note his argument-by-insinuation, that anyone who accuses him of turning on Bush because of gay marriage is "homophobic." What intellectual seriousness!

Also notice he claims that he has "long since stopped trying to counter" that charge. Like I said, I rarely go to his site, so I have no way of knowing if he has ever tried to counter it. But I have to doubt it. Recall this post from 2004 where he referred to the charge as an "unanswerable smear." If it is "unanswerable", why would he bother trying to counter it?

Since I assume you do frequent his blog regularly, John, perhaps you can tell me if he has tried to counter it at all since late 2004.

If not, I guess that's another reason not to trust him.

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