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By on 2.8.07 | 1:13PM

Re: Romney's flip flops on taxes and things economic: Sen. John McCain is doing similar flips and flops on the Bush tax cuts, based on discussions and interviews he's given in the past few weeks. Romney's economics speech has been on the calendar for a while, and clearly McCain wanted to lay down his "new" pro-tax cut position before Romney.

Re: The Rudy video, everyone should be clear on this: in every campaign office right now there is a thick "research" file on the life and times of one Rudy Giuliani. His marriages, divorces, annulments, relations - business and otherwise - and positions. That video has been downloaded and burned onto multiple DVDs in every campaign, GOP or Democratc.

Clearly, the Romney folks are targeting Rudy as are McCain's. Evangelicals for Mitt may be technically "independent", but they interact and coordinate their activities through folks like Jay Sekulow and others who are advising Romney. If it's up on their website, it's with the knowledge and tacit support of the Romney campaign.

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