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Re: Jet Setting Nancy

By on 2.7.07 | 11:27AM

It is a hoot to read about Murtha's role in this thing, since I recall from my research last year that he was involved in a jet-for-the-speaker controversy once before.

From Time Magazine in November 1989:

Even as the House was promising last week to cut down on perks in exchange for a pay raise, old habits were asserting themselves. Speaker Thomas Foley was embarrassed to learn about an amendment slipped into the defense-spending bill that required an Air Force C-20 jet be made available to him at all times. A military version of the Gulfstream III, the C-20 carries just eight passengers and is serviced by a crew of five.

But Foley had not asked for an Air Force Three (the President and Vice President have much larger jets). Pennsylvania Democrat John Murtha had inserted the provision. He enjoys luxurious travel and undoubtedly figured he could borrow Foley's jet. The Speaker quickly shot down his own plane.

How far we have come in 18 years -- a special jet embarrassed even Tom Foley. And he had to travel to Spokane!

Different speaker, same old Murtha.

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