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Mass Care Not Working Out—Part XVII

By on 2.6.07 | 6:11PM

This almost makes me feel sorry for new Bay State Governor Deval Patrick. Almost:

It wasn't his plan, but he's stuck with it -- and like it or not the first few years of Gov. Deval Patrick's term may be judged in large part by the success or failure of the state's landmark health care law.

Turning the law into a reality is proving tough, so it's hardly surprising if Patrick has sounded a bit ambivalent to the initiative, signed by former Gov. Mitt Romney nine months before leaving office and dumping the new law on Patrick's lap.

Indeed, Governor Patrick isn't sounding too confident about the Romney Plan:

"We aren't far enough along yet to know whether to try a totally different course than the one we're on," he said this week. "There are going to be bumps, there are going to be disappointments as we go along ... but we've got to stick with this."
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