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Center for Blame America First

By on 2.6.07 | 2:08PM

I'm not sure whether this "Progress Report" from the Center for American Progress is funny or pathetic. Called "Provoking Iran," the authors do their best to make the leader of Iran into a harmless little fuzzball:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who came to power with an agenda to eradicate poverty and tackle unemployment, "is now facing increasingly fierce criticism for his failure to meet those promises."

Naturally, it is President Bush who is "provoking" Iran. His provocations inlcude:

Bush confirmed he had authorized a Pentagon program to kill or capture Iranian operatives inside Iraq. Moreover, Pentagon officials said the Air Force is preparing for an expanded role in Iraq that could include aggressive new tactics designed to deter Iranian assistance to Iraqi militants.


They always blame America first. They never change either.

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