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Not Just the Poor Man’s McCain

By on 2.6.07 | 9:48AM

Jim Pinkerton isn't the first person to see similiarities between John McCain and Chuck Hagel, but he argues convincingly that now the media is catching on -- replacing the old McCain with the new. (Hat tip: NRO.)

Where he is less convincing is in his contention that Hagel could bolt the GOP and run as an independent candidate. It seems to me that Hagel lacks the money and, well, the constituency -- he hasn't established himself as enough of a conservative leader on other issues to overcome his Iraq stance, isn't antiwar enough to appeal to truly antiwar voters, doesn't have much of a comprehensive agenda, and isn't the most compelling orator on the stump today. Looking at the polls, Hagel's chances at the Republican presidential nomination seem nearly as remote.

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