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Huckabee and Riley

By on 2.5.07 | 10:16AM

James Antle has a very important and very perspicacious column on Mike Huckabee and his spotty fiscal tendencies. Added to the Prowler's earlier posts about Huckabee's ethical imbroglios, added to my earlier posts about the same (and added to my wife's observation that he "looks like Nixon"), the case should be becoming abundantly clear: Huckabee is absolutely, positively NOT a candidate around whom conservatives should rally.

Addendum: My former colleagues Paul Greenberg and Kane Webb of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, conservatives both, had what I am told is an excellent -- balanced, but damaging to Huckabee -- column on Huckabee in Saturday's Wall Street Journal. I can't seem to find a link for it. But if anybody can read it, it should provide grist for the "stop Huckabee" mill.

NOW, my next post will be on Bob Riley, because in James' otherwise excellent column, I think he mischaracterized Riley's record....

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