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Peyton the Great-One

By on 2.5.07 | 10:04AM

Okay, even I must admit that Peyton was only the second most valuable player last night: On the strength of that one game alone, I would have given the MVP to Rhodes. But Manning did play quite well, and did a masterful job of figuring out where the tiny holes in a stiff Bears defense were. Even his interception was a perfect throw where the cornerback was beaten but the safety made a good adjustment and made a great play -- and, as a bomb, the interception was almost as good as a punt.

But now I want to say, as I used to say when he was starring at Tennessee, that I taught Peyton everything he knows.

IT'S a JOKE, of course. But I like to say he learned it all during the time I took him and older brother Cooper to watch their father play at the Superdome. Ahh, the 26-year-old reflected glory: It's just washing over me! :)

In all seriousness, the MVP could not have been awarded to a more admirable guy, or to a member of a more genuinely decent and admirable family. Archie and Olivia Manning and their whole crew are just class acts.

Speaking of class acts, that Tony Dungy is just superb. I loved the way he turned around the question of him being the first black head coach to win the Lombardi Trophy. Yes, he said, he is proud to have helped African Americans break another barrier, but more important, he said, is that he and Lovie Smith are both "Christian coaches who try to do things the right way."

Hail to the victors!

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