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By on 2.2.07 | 2:48PM

At some point, if I can gather enough evidence to fully back up my feeling on the following point, I will probably devote a whole column to this. But for now, just let me say this: I fully expect the Bush administration to make a comeback of sorts in terms of public approval. I expect that the "surge" of troops will be seen to be working, in ways the media can't avoid reporting because so much attention will be focused on it. Not that in the short term the surge will produce anything that can absolutely be called "victory," but that all of a sudden somebody will run the numbers and find that the average number of attacks and deaths per day in, say, April, is substantially lower than it was in January. Plus there will be some sort of detente in the Iraqi legislature, some sort of agreement that makes moderate Sunnis at least moderately more happy with the arrangements.

And all the defeatists (and those who deliberately root for American defeat, which seems to be a substantial portion of the Senate Democratic caucus) will have some 'splainin' to do.

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