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A Call Out to Knights of Malta

By on 1.30.07 | 8:36AM

Hugh Hewitt is one of the best interviewers - radio or otherwise - in the business, a hallmark of which is the ability to elicit from interview subjects tidbits that perhaps they shouldn't be talking about.

Former Democrat National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe, who famously helped create the "Lincoln Bedroom" experience in the Clinton Administration fell to Hewitt's sway and dropped a bombshell: He has applied to the Knights of Malta, one of the revered organizations in the Catholic Church.

Yet McAuliffe - who claimed on the show to be a practicing Roman Catholic - is not in good standing with the Catholic Church due to the fact that he supports the slaughter of the pre-born. Any Knights of Malta out there want to take a shot at blocking this heathen from membership? Any buffoon who would brag about receiving blessings from the Holy Father while in the state of grave sin due to his support of the murder deserves to be taken down a notch or two.

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