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RE: The Good Theocrat?

By on 1.29.07 | 7:42PM

Larry, John Kerry was originally a candidate for the House seat won by Fr. Drinan in 1970. Kerry entered the Democratic caucuses against incumbent Congressman Philip Philbin, who was chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and a supporter of the Vietnam War, but dropped out before the primary.

When Kerry withdrew, he endorsed Drinan and even became chairman of his campaign. Drinan beat the incumbent in the primary and then beat him again in the general, where Philbin was running a write-in campaign. I don't know if Drinan helped Kerry get into Boston College Law School in 1973, but it's certainly possible, as he had been dean before he became a member of Congress. I do know that Drinan advised Kerry about how to handle the "communion issue" during the 2004 presidential campaign.

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