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Re: Humanizing Hillary

By on 1.23.07 | 11:54AM

Phil: It will require many humanitarian acts to humanize Hillary. But how revealing that she lists Out of Africa as one her favorite three movies, along with Casablanca and, from her childhood, The Wizard of Oz. Now assuming she's being honest (in your heart you know she not), consider what she's revealing here. The heroine of Out of Africa lives in a cold marriage with a philandering husband. But comes a dashing visitor and she's in love again -- only to have him die tragically. It doesn't take much to connect the dots to her own life. As for Casablanca, I assume Victor Laszlo is the kind of dull, square, dutiful guy she intended to turn Bill into. If he were alive today, Laszlo would be leading the underground resistance on behalf of universal health care.

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