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Humanizing Hillary

By on 1.23.07 | 10:15AM

If she is to win the presidency, Hillary Clinton is going to have to overcome the perception among the electorate that she is nothing more than a calculating opportunist whose every move is telegraphed to maximize political gain. In other words, she has to convince voters that she's human.

From the Washington/>/> Post:

With a call to "let the conversation begin," Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) fielded a handful of pre-selected questions from voters on her presidential campaign's Web site last night, speaking into a video camera as she held forth on movies ("Out of Africa" makes her top three), her football-fanatic brothers and her "nice middle-class upbringing in a suburb of Chicago."

The effort to "humanize" Clinton/>/>, as her advisers have put it, was in full swing just two days into her presidential campaign.

But doesn't it defeat its own purpose when you need an entire team of advisors to teach you how to look, act, and talk like an actual human being? To most of us, it comes naturally.

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