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What ‘Unity’?

By on 1.19.07 | 8:54AM

I know that I should stop taking the political pap of entertainers seriously. Sadly, the nonsense they spew gets reported far and wide, and who knows how many citizens are influenced by it. This time it's Robert Redford:

Robert Redford has demanded that US leaders apologise to the American people about the war in Iraq.

Speaking at the start of his Sundance Film Festival Redford said: "We put all our concerns on hold to let the leaders lead. I think we're owed a big, massive apology."

He added that like many others he had shown a "spirit of unity" with the US government after 9/11.

Redford either has a very short memory, or, more likely, he's engaging in revisionism. That unity lasted until early 2002, when the Bush Administration started talking seriously about invading Iraq.

If Redford wants to criticize the President, fine. But don't insult our intelligence by suggesting that lefties put their "concerns on hold" in a "spirit of unity."

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