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Re: Torkildsen and Mass GOP

By on 1.18.07 | 6:20AM

The Prowler raps Mitt Romney for his failure at party-building. It'd be fairer to put that rap on every Republican governor, most conspicuously William Weld. Mitt Romney raised some millions of dollars for Republican candidates in 2004, but you can't raise something out of nothing. It's kind of like trying to create a high school band when middle school and elementary music programs have been suspended. The talent and the interest just aren't there. And, sadly, having 60 percent of statewide elections uncontested by Republicans in Massachusetts is pretty much the norm. Weld at least had enough Republicans in the legislature to sustain a veto; Romney didn't.

This situation is not uncommon. There are several states -- Delaware, Maryland, Louisiana, Connecticut, to an extent, Rhode Island -- where the primary is the real election and the general election means nothing. And all those states are totally dominated by Democrats. They tend to go to jail frequently, but it doesn't seem to break their hold on statewide politics.

So don't blame Mitt too much. You can only bash your head against a brick wall so many times.

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