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A Reverse Romney Clone

By on 1.16.07 | 5:26PM

Conservatives across the country should pay attention to the outcome of a little-noticed election in Massachusetts tonight, where the state Republican Party will be electing an interim party chair.

There are seven candidates, the most prominent being former Rep. Peter Torkildsen. Why reverse Romney? Because as a state representative Torkildsen had a record as a fiscal and social conservative. But upon being elected to Congress, he took a decided left turn, particularly on social issues. Today, he stands as pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage Republican, and according to knowledgeable Republicans on the state party level, former Gov. Romney and members of his former staff are actively working behind the scenes to get Torkildsen elected. Officially, Romney has stated that he is neutral in the race. But sources close to Romney said he was prepared to attend tonight's meeting to speak on Torkildsne's behalf and cast a vote if need be to avoid a second or third round of balloting . "If this goes to a second or third round of voting, Torkildsen has a much tougher time of winning," says Boston-based Republican Party donor, who is not backing Romney for President.

One has to wonder, in a race where there are some defininte conservatives, why Romney is so willingly having his name associated with the "evolved" moderate in the race.

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