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By on 1.16.07 | 3:39PM

Hugh Hewitt has a nice piece in Human Events arguing that secularists who don't want a Mormon president, such as Slate's Jacob Weisberg, will soon proclaim that other religious believers are beyond the pale. But I might take issue with this bit:

Hewitt cites a blog entry criticizing Weisberg by evangelical scholar John Mark Reynolds and goes on to complain, "Reynolds' commentary on Weisberg's bigotry was rather lonely. Weisberg's naked exercise in faith-based bile went largely unremarked."


"Weisberg's attack on Romney is exactly the sort of attack on other Christians and believers in the miraculous that the secular left would love to make routine," Hewitt concludes. "To mainstream Protestants and Mass-attending Catholics, the virtual mob against Romney because of his LDS faith may seem like someone else's problem, but it is really another step down the road toward the naked public square."

Allow this "mainstream" United Methodist to say, Amen.

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