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McCain and Religious Conservatives

By on 1.14.07 | 6:09PM

I'm a regular defender of James Dobson, but I have to part ways with him when it comes to McCain. I had the same problem with World Magazine (a very well-subscribed mag among evangelicals) when it appeared to strongly support Bush at the expense of McCain in 2000.

McCain hasn't been anyone's super loyal Republican, but neither has Dobson, right? Both men try to reshape the party in their own image. That's often what politics is about.

Pro-life is probably our single biggest issue and McCain has been good, not stellar, but quite good in that area. It's a real mistake to isolate him. He certainly doesn't deserve to be treated differently from Rudy Giuliani, who is far more socially liberal.

I'm not at all convinced we wouldn't be better off if he had been the party's nominee in 2000.

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